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Jet Plane

OK, I made it to the Frankfurt airport via bus.
Checked in with my baggage.
Got to the first security check.
I walk up to the security counter, hand the police man my boarding pass…He asks for my passport.
He was a chipper male police man, who literally almost stamped it without even looking at my entry date…
and then he paused and started laughing.
I thought I was screwed.


“Have you been in Germany this whole time?”
(oh great here we go)


“Are you sure?”


“Maybe you’ve been to paris?”

-”uhhh no….”

“But, maybe you have?”

-”If you say so…sure…maybe”

“But, have you?”

-”Honestly, no, no I haven’t”

“Ok, maybe London? Sweden?”

-”:( no”

“OK Poland, you went to Poland you just maybe forgot, or didn’t realize it”


***Insert Hallelujah chorus***

-”ohhhh kayyyy”

“Maybe next time you should only stay three months unless you get another Visa” * winky face *

-”Yes, definitely, sorry, won’t happen again” *mumble mumble giggle giggle*

“Hope you enjoyed your stay, and your trip to Poland”

-”Thanks you so very very very very very very much”

“No, thank you, enjoy your flight”

*run away*


I could have kissed that man.
OK So now I am waiting outside of security check, as long as I make it through there I’m pretty much home free. Thank you Jesus.

I hope they start letting people in soon, waiting is making me anxious. I just want to get this 16 hour trip over with so I can eat some popcorn and play guitar. YaHoooo!

Made it to Dublin,
Airport security always makes me feel uncomfortable.
They are always throwing questions almost yelling at you and acting as if you’ve done something wrong.
I’d hate to NOT be a US citizen especially in that situation.

woooooooo So close.
I had to Recheck my baggage, which was fun considering I had to lug it all on a bus and almost fell off the bus because my one bag was so heavy. The bus driver was nice though and got up and helped me. haha

I got a gatorade and drank it all in one gulp. I am so thirsty and dehydrated and sleepy :(
But I will be home soon :)
Gonna board the plane in about an hour… Oh yay! I just want to be done flying and being so squished next to unfriendly people who won’t give me their biscuit even when they aren’t eating it. Hmmph! I am so so hungry.

This is me at 5am this morning


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Sammy makes me smile. Little cutie pie.

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Another yucky rainy day in Frankfurt.
I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’ve been organizing, purging, and attempting to be packed up and ready to leave early tomorrow morning.

I’m nervous about the flight home… Because I’ll definitely be questioned about my over staying my tourist Visa, I just hope the questioning doesn’t take so long that I miss my flight home. I’m going on the earliest bus to the airport to be as assured as I possibly can be, that I won’t miss it. I’ll be armed with tissues for my hysterical outburst if they even make me THINK I’ll miss it. Prayers would be awesome

I don’t have a scale, so I really hope my suitcase isn’t more than 50 pounds. I feel like I haven’t much since being here, and have even gotten rid of quite a few things.

New Items include:
* Coat- needed (ha)
* Sweater- free (thanks Camwon)
* Mary Janes-5 euros
* Converse-8 euros
* Backpack
* Jeans-free
* 3 Dresses-free

I’ve gotten rid of:
* 2 small suitcase full of clothing
* a pair of shoes (DC’s)
* Notebook
* Hat and Mittens

Fingers crossed.
I’ll be taking my rolley carry-on, duffle suitcase thing, and a back pack.

I can’t believe I didn’t get any souvenirs… I am an awful tourist in that aspect. I have pictures though :)

My to-do list:

✓ Wake up early
✓ Blog
☐ More packing
☐ Go on a walk (even if it is raining)
☐ Shower
☐ Put all liquid bathroom items into my checked baggage (so that I don’t forget and have to do it in line)
☐ Eat my last schnitzel in Germany (maybe some traditional apfel wein)
☐ Watch a movie (toy story? :)
☐ Hopefully get a good nights sleep
☐ Wake up
☐ Eat cookies for breakfast
☐ Drink instant coffee
☐ Braid my hair
☐ Head to the airport
☐ Hopefully board my flight that departs at 10:50 a.m. (4:50 a.m. in SC) for my 16 hour journey.

In other news, I have 3 interviews set up for thursday. Woo! Might make it 4 by the end of today. I’m excited.

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Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day filled with a trip to the park, barbecue, some pretty awesome people, and eating sausage until I thought I’d bust. We even had an entire pack of sausage left over which made for an AWESOME breakfast. OH and I got my baby fix! Precious 2 month old baby Paul. I’m pretty much in love with his perfect nose, precious fingernails, and baby blues. Sigh. Can I just be a homemaker now please?

I know it’s weird, but I really really enjoy folding fresh clean laundry, especially if it’s my own clothes. I purposefully take as long as possible making each article as precise as possible. I love the way it feels, smells and looks. I like how orderly is it. I just really like having clean clothes to wear. Finally! :)
As much as I like how clothes feel right out of the dryer, I also like hanging clothes on the line outside in the spring and summer, even if it means my jeans are kind of crinkly and don’t smell quite as detergent-y. It just feels so nice to be outside and to see my dresses ruffling in the breeze. I want to take a picture every time I hang my clothes on the line. I even hang them in a certain pattern, that they look prettier…the longer items in the middle and the shorter items on the outside. I’ll put my own photograph of my clothes on the line soon…but here’s a generic on for now…

What is something you enjoy that might be considered unusual or odd?

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Frankfurt is cloudy, rainy, and yucky which means I have absolutely nothing to do.

The past week I’ve spent my mornings relaxing with tea and reading. The rest of my days were spent walking, sitting on benches, Reading, being cold, walking, exploring, walking, taking photographs like a tourist and yep, you guessed it, more walking. My legs are so sore.

So, I’m stumbling through a bunch of super amazing craft ideas. I wish I could sew…and had a sewing machine for that matter. I can’t wait to try a few of them out when I get home!

Here are a few:

* Dresses
(I basically want to wear these every single day for the rest of my life…)

* Roses

* More Flowers

* Lanterns

* Rug

* Christmas Tree

* Path

* Soap

* Plantable Paper
(How did I not know about this?!)

* Precious Homemade Eggs

* Flower Pop up
(I want this on my table)

By a few I guess I meant a lot…oops. :)

Here  is just an interesting read about food combinations … and this is neat too.

Ok, time for eggs and more tea.

And here’s a really neat picture…for good measure. I want to live in this tree…

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Things I love

So this is just a post about things I can’t wait to have back in my life…

I am so ready for warm soil, flowers, and nice weather.
I’m even going to try to learn tennis…again! ((before it gets too terribly hot and I get grumpy))

I’m also ready to cook. I haven’t been able to in ages. So today I’ve been looking up yummy recipes online and drooling. Here’s a tasty looking dessert I want to make:

I’m craving all things southern…annnnd here are some photographs (not mine, except for ones of family). I know these things aren’t strictly southern, but they remind me of home…

And this is just who I wish I was…every single day!!!! :)

5 days left….

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Today was a nice morning.

I got up super duper early. I had my tea and some cookies. Wonderful. Getting a little bit anxious about going home. Searching frantically so that I have a job when I get home…or at least shortly after I get home. It’s going well, I have 2 interviews set up already, and quite a few other contacts. Fingers crossed.

I was bored looking online at pretty things that make me smile. I miss tea parties.

6 more days….

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