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Nanny quest

Most of you know I started a nanny position almost immediately after arriving back to the states. Well, I thought it was a nanny position. It actually is more like a housekeeper-maid-chauffeur-cook-personal assistant-slave type position. No thank you, all those positions get paid much much more than I do. Except for slaves, and even those probably get treated better than I am being treated.

She is always telling me that her other help was better, and that if I can’t do this that she will find someone who can. Constantly belittling me.
I actually told her to find someone else yesterday.
She’s been calling me ever since trying to negotiate, and then ends up yelling at me again when I tell her I am only doing nanny duties. I don’t care if it is only 2 hours a day. I’d rather eat ramen for every meal than cry my eyes out every day.

This woman, the mother, yells at me constantly, sets no expectations, and yet is constantly angry and screaming at me for being “incompetent”. I’m on call 24 hours a day, sometimes I work 12 hours of that day. I never have a set schedule. I can’t get her to make me lists of what she wants done. She is absolutely impossible. She is a child. She has yet to pay me for last week, and is going down on her rate for this week. I’m forcing myself to endure this til friday, get all that is owed to me, and hopefully never look back.

I was so hopeful, in the interview I thought that everything was cut and dry…simple…I will be interviewing a lot differently from now on.

Rant session is over. Sorry about that.

Next plan? I have an interview lined up for monday and possible another one on Tuesday.

In other news, I stopping using shampoo a month ago and I love it!
I’ll write about that endeavor soon. I should have a lot more time on my hands to be creative and do fun things to write about.
I can’t wait to start gardening, baking and cooking more…and maybe a little more tennis time


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