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Jet Plane

OK, I made it to the Frankfurt airport via bus.
Checked in with my baggage.
Got to the first security check.
I walk up to the security counter, hand the police man my boarding pass…He asks for my passport.
He was a chipper male police man, who literally almost stamped it without even looking at my entry date…
and then he paused and started laughing.
I thought I was screwed.


“Have you been in Germany this whole time?”
(oh great here we go)


“Are you sure?”


“Maybe you’ve been to paris?”

-”uhhh no….”

“But, maybe you have?”

-”If you say so…sure…maybe”

“But, have you?”

-”Honestly, no, no I haven’t”

“Ok, maybe London? Sweden?”

-”:( no”

“OK Poland, you went to Poland you just maybe forgot, or didn’t realize it”


***Insert Hallelujah chorus***

-”ohhhh kayyyy”

“Maybe next time you should only stay three months unless you get another Visa” * winky face *

-”Yes, definitely, sorry, won’t happen again” *mumble mumble giggle giggle*

“Hope you enjoyed your stay, and your trip to Poland”

-”Thanks you so very very very very very very much”

“No, thank you, enjoy your flight”

*run away*


I could have kissed that man.
OK So now I am waiting outside of security check, as long as I make it through there I’m pretty much home free. Thank you Jesus.

I hope they start letting people in soon, waiting is making me anxious. I just want to get this 16 hour trip over with so I can eat some popcorn and play guitar. YaHoooo!

Made it to Dublin,
Airport security always makes me feel uncomfortable.
They are always throwing questions almost yelling at you and acting as if you’ve done something wrong.
I’d hate to NOT be a US citizen especially in that situation.

woooooooo So close.
I had to Recheck my baggage, which was fun considering I had to lug it all on a bus and almost fell off the bus because my one bag was so heavy. The bus driver was nice though and got up and helped me. haha

I got a gatorade and drank it all in one gulp. I am so thirsty and dehydrated and sleepy :(
But I will be home soon :)
Gonna board the plane in about an hour… Oh yay! I just want to be done flying and being so squished next to unfriendly people who won’t give me their biscuit even when they aren’t eating it. Hmmph! I am so so hungry.

This is me at 5am this morning


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Another yucky rainy day in Frankfurt.
I woke up at 5 this morning and couldn’t fall back asleep. I’ve been organizing, purging, and attempting to be packed up and ready to leave early tomorrow morning.

I’m nervous about the flight home… Because I’ll definitely be questioned about my over staying my tourist Visa, I just hope the questioning doesn’t take so long that I miss my flight home. I’m going on the earliest bus to the airport to be as assured as I possibly can be, that I won’t miss it. I’ll be armed with tissues for my hysterical outburst if they even make me THINK I’ll miss it. Prayers would be awesome

I don’t have a scale, so I really hope my suitcase isn’t more than 50 pounds. I feel like I haven’t much since being here, and have even gotten rid of quite a few things.

New Items include:
* Coat- needed (ha)
* Sweater- free (thanks Camwon)
* Mary Janes-5 euros
* Converse-8 euros
* Backpack
* Jeans-free
* 3 Dresses-free

I’ve gotten rid of:
* 2 small suitcase full of clothing
* a pair of shoes (DC’s)
* Notebook
* Hat and Mittens

Fingers crossed.
I’ll be taking my rolley carry-on, duffle suitcase thing, and a back pack.

I can’t believe I didn’t get any souvenirs… I am an awful tourist in that aspect. I have pictures though :)

My to-do list:

✓ Wake up early
✓ Blog
☐ More packing
☐ Go on a walk (even if it is raining)
☐ Shower
☐ Put all liquid bathroom items into my checked baggage (so that I don’t forget and have to do it in line)
☐ Eat my last schnitzel in Germany (maybe some traditional apfel wein)
☐ Watch a movie (toy story? :)
☐ Hopefully get a good nights sleep
☐ Wake up
☐ Eat cookies for breakfast
☐ Drink instant coffee
☐ Braid my hair
☐ Head to the airport
☐ Hopefully board my flight that departs at 10:50 a.m. (4:50 a.m. in SC) for my 16 hour journey.

In other news, I have 3 interviews set up for thursday. Woo! Might make it 4 by the end of today. I’m excited.

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A good day.

Even though I’m furiously trying to scrounge and beg and transfer money internationally, Today was still wonderful.

A friend here let me stay the night last night, we woke up early and then I went to the train station to try and figure something out with my ticket. Then I went to Western Union, and then bank after bank after bank, trying to get my small amount of euros sent to the bank I have at home. All of that so I can buy a plane ticket home. Well, I thought i had failed. But THEN I asked my friend about her bank, and wether she’d be willing to deposit my money and then transfer it to me from her account. YES. Ok, so that’s all in the process.

Also another amazing wonderfully lovely person from home is helping me out as well. (Thank you forever and ever)

SO fingers crossed, I may have the money for a ticket within the next couple of days. Once I have it then the cheapest tickets are 4-5 days out….SO 2 weeks max…I hope.

But anyways, it was a good day because I was able to be in the amazing sun and fresh air, cook, eat, sing, play piano, watch an adorable little baby, hang out with a very sweet girl, and now I’m about to go see some more awesome people.


I really have no idea how I would have gotten through this with out this awesome circle of friends here in frankfurt. You guys know who you are :) Thank you so much, I am so very much appreciative.

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So as you can see I deleted my old blog… Not a huge deal I guess because it’s not like I was keeping up with it anyways. Just didn’t want creepy stalker ‘dad’ to continue to watch my every move, even if I’m not living in his house anymore.

I’m actually in the midst of a pitty party…care to join me?

It’s just that, everything seems to not work out for me. Why did I get the creepy family? Why me? Why didn’t I acquire the visa I was supposed to? Why am I currently an illegal alien. WHY do they make it so bloody difficult to go home as an illegal alien? And why am I so hungry all the time! :)

Here is plan Z. Are you ready?

I’m hopping on a train to London.

Wednesday actually and that’s it. That is as far as I’ve come. Pathetic really.

Let me explain the slight theory behind this plan:

((no idea why I numbered these, they still aren’t in order and they make entirely no sense))

1. Traveling by train in europe is typically pretty simple. You board, you sit down and relax basically until you arrive. Once during your trip someone will ask to see your ticket, and that’s all there is to it. Which should leave me home free for London. Only problem that may occur: They ask to see my passport on the train, then I’m in trouble because they will see that I’ve over stayed my tourist visa by 30 days. This could result in a fine, or being sent home to America, or being banned from Europe for practically forever, or jail? No just kidding I hope not jail. Seriously doubtful…but I’d have a heck of a lot more to blog about then wouldn’t I?

2. Let’s say I make it to London. I’m going to rely on the courtesy of fellow travelers to let me stay with them. Has anyone every heard of Couch surfing? Yeaaaaaaaah. Kind of worried, but oh well.

3. Ideally I’d have a temporary Nanny/aupair position set up before I arrived. But apparently the UK hates Americans, as we’re literally the only nation NOT allowed to be au pairs there. Something to do with America throwing away all ties with the Queen…yadayadayada. But I didn’t do that!!! Why am I paying for the misgivings of my ancestors. :(

4. If I can hold out in London until April 26th then I can legally come back to Germany and start over with the Aupair thing. I’ll get a new 3 month tourist visa. New start. OR I’ll need to scrounge up about $200 more so that I can afford a plane ticket home. Either way, Wednesday will bring something completely new to my list of experiences.

I am so bad with procrastination. I can’t stop daydreaming about things that are a lifetime (maybe more) away. Instead of packing and doing things that are actually productive, I’m planning out my homestead. I’m serious. I am planning out which state I’d like to live, be married, have babies, plant, and farm in. I like Ohio so far. The soil is rich, the land is fairly cheap, I have family there, AND there are loads of Mennonite and Amish communities there. I would be so happy it’s ridiculous. I’m just siting here grinning as I do research.

OK off the try and be productive

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