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Stone Soup

Most of you know that we recently moved into a new apartment. It is starting to feel like home. Plus, we have quite a few super cool neighbors.

A few nights ago, after Marshall and I returned home from visiting my family, we offered to make beef stew for our friends who live in the main house (we are in the apartment above their detached garage) and for our other friends who were visiting.
I was so excited because I love cooking for people and I love stew and it was to be the first hearty filling meal I’ve made since Fall began.

I start grabbing ingredients and realize I only had some meat, a few potatoes, and a rutabaga. Not quite all I needed for awesomeness. So I asked the friends in the main house and they gladly contributed and then suggested inviting the neighbors too. So we walked over, invited them, and then acquired more veggies from them.
I think we ended up feeding about 20 people. My mom would’ve been proud haha.

It was so much fun to have that kind of freedom. Where we lived before I was scared to walk out the front door alone. Let alone knock on a neighbors door and ask for something!

I’m just so thankful and feel so blessed right now. I had to share.

View from our porch. :)



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