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Yesterday was a beautiful, sunny, warm day filled with a trip to the park, barbecue, some pretty awesome people, and eating sausage until I thought I’d bust. We even had an entire pack of sausage left over which made for an AWESOME breakfast. OH and I got my baby fix! Precious 2 month old baby Paul. I’m pretty much in love with his perfect nose, precious fingernails, and baby blues. Sigh. Can I just be a homemaker now please?

I know it’s weird, but I really really enjoy folding fresh clean laundry, especially if it’s my own clothes. I purposefully take as long as possible making each article as precise as possible. I love the way it feels, smells and looks. I like how orderly is it. I just really like having clean clothes to wear. Finally! :)
As much as I like how clothes feel right out of the dryer, I also like hanging clothes on the line outside in the spring and summer, even if it means my jeans are kind of crinkly and don’t smell quite as detergent-y. It just feels so nice to be outside and to see my dresses ruffling in the breeze. I want to take a picture every time I hang my clothes on the line. I even hang them in a certain pattern, that they look prettier…the longer items in the middle and the shorter items on the outside. I’ll put my own photograph of my clothes on the line soon…but here’s a generic on for now…

What is something you enjoy that might be considered unusual or odd?


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