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Sammy makes me smile. Little cutie pie.


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Things I love

So this is just a post about things I can’t wait to have back in my life…

I am so ready for warm soil, flowers, and nice weather.
I’m even going to try to learn tennis…again! ((before it gets too terribly hot and I get grumpy))

I’m also ready to cook. I haven’t been able to in ages. So today I’ve been looking up yummy recipes online and drooling. Here’s a tasty looking dessert I want to make:

I’m craving all things southern…annnnd here are some photographs (not mine, except for ones of family). I know these things aren’t strictly southern, but they remind me of home…

And this is just who I wish I was…every single day!!!! :)

5 days left….

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Coming Home

OK booked my ticket for March 15th.

I’m pretty sad about missing the spring here in Germany, but another time maybe.

Glad to be going home to see my brothers and sisters.

Speaking of brothers and sisters, I had the worst nightmare of all time about my little brother Joey. :(

I can’t wait to play at the park with guitars, and Djembes you guys…oh and cooking!

Love you all, see you guys soon


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